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Congratulations Open winners Big Lez and The Boys


Logjam - 6 - 4
Prolands - 3 - 2

Congratulations to Big Lez and The Boys on winning the OZF 24 Open Grand Final against Gnome Zone.

The Grand Final kicked off with Gnome Zone's pick of Logjam; a still-recent addition to the ozfortress map pool. After a couple of quick rounds to the Gnome Zone side, Big Lez and The Boys snagged 5 successive rounds with some dominating midfights and created a mountainous deficit for Gnome Zone to conquer if they had any hope of taking the first map of the series. Unfortunately even after making some adjustment to their midfights and showing great level-headedness, Gnome Zone couldn't make back Big Lez and The Boys' lead and the final score for Logjam ended with 6 - 4 to Big Lez and The Boys.

With a win on the enemy's counterpick map, Big Lez and The Boys felt confident going into their map pick of Prolands. Gnome Zone hit the ground running and instantly won a round with a clean midfight and last push. After this explosive round the game slowed down into a slobberknocker, where both teams dug in and clawed for another round each in the next 12 minutes. Big Lez and The Boys' Django had an impressive performance being the damage core of his team and helped his team bring the final score to 2 - 3, and solidifying Big Lez and The Boys as the ozfortress Season 24 Open champions!

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Stay tuned for Ultiduo!


1st - Big Lez and The Boys
2nd - Gnome Zone
3rd - chop shop


Champions: Big Lez and The Boys
Best Demoman: crybaby
Best Medic: Montgomery Wigglesworth
Best Pocket: Dragonfru
Best Roamer: a team of ants in their prime and alibastor
Best Pocket Scout: Eternal
Best Flank Scout: CogMan123
Best Utility: Eternal

Most Improved Player: a team of ants in their prime
Most Valuable Player: Johnny

Friendliest Team: Keep It Fresh Bangladesh, Gnome Zone, MGE Airlines and Big Lez and The Boys
Most Improved Team: Gnome Zone
Best Dressed Team: Gnome Zone
Best Caster: xander

2nd place team wins every award 🤔