obla Retired League Director

Congratulations Premier winners Jasmine Tea


Snakewater - 3 - 2
Process - 3 - 4
Badlands - 5 - 0
Granary - 5 - 4

Congratulations to Jasmine Tea on winning the OZF 19 Premier Grand Final against no safeword.

The first map of the series was Jasmine Tea's pick of Snakewater; and despite slow initial round with resistance from no safeword, Jasmine were able to eventually take the first round of the series. Strong play from their flank allowed them to gain an early 2-0 lead, but as the map continued, there seemed to be some disconnect within the combo of Jasmine Tea, allowing enrith, to capitalise on this weak-spot and pump out huge damage to help his team draw the scores level at 2-2 at the end of map time. With the first map on the line in Golden Cap round, both teams were eager to edge out an early lead for the series, but a mid fight win, coupled with the Sniping talents of Elmo proved to be too much for no safeword, resulting in Jasmine Tea winning 3-2.

The teams then found themselves on Process, and both pockets quickly asserted their dominance on the map with both ywl and Geoh putting on a display, ultimately however, it was once again Jasmine that were able to take the early lead in the map. Not content with simply finishing 2nd, no safeword clicked into gear and a strong showing from teejay saw them manage to eventually grab a lead in the series. However, strong team play along with an incredible sniping spree with Geoh saw Jasmine hold a 3-2 lead with little time remaining. After it looked like Jasmine had finally manage to hold the assault of no safeword, with 10 seconds remaining in the map, ywl was able to launch himself onto the point, forcing a second Golden Cap. No safeword were able to continue this quick burst of dominance, and ended up levelling up the series at 1 map a piece.

The competitive staple Badlands was the 3rd map, and Jasmine showed their experience, especially Paulsen who dominated the mid-fights. No safeword seemingly had no answer to the sudden dominance, and were quickly put to the sword, losing by map differential and failing to pick up a single round.

Jasmine Tea were now on map point, strong plays from both Paulsen and Madness allowed them to take an early lead and seemingly completely close out the game. But, refusing to go down so easily, no safeword started to fight their way back from a 4-1 deficit to only a single round disadvantage. However, with only a minute and a half remaining on the timer, Jasmine were able to run down the clock to win the map 5-4, and take the Best-of-5 series 3-1 to claim yet another title of ozfortress Premier Champions.

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Season 20 is right round the corner!


1st - Jasmine Tea
2nd - no safeword
3rd - Right Wing Death Squad


Champions: Jasmine Tea
Best Demoman: enrith and Paulsen
Best Medic: johno
Best Pocket: Geoh
Best Roamer: SoLe
Best Scout: Elmo
Best Utility: Sam.

Most Improved Player: kpc
Most Valuable Player: Elmo

Friendliest Team: xeno
Most Improved Team: Right Wing Death Squad