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Ultiduo 18 is just hours away!

Sorry it took us so long to get this out, that one sits squarely on me being busy. Team Placements are below, along with any and all crucial info you will need for Ultiduo 18. Please take the time to read through, we've put a lot of work into (particularly) the Ultiduo Ruleset this time around. Many of the old questions/answers were moved to the Ultiduo Ruleset.

Team Placements

Please note that the placements below are not final. We are more than happy to accept feedback on these seedings, but we ask that you make a ticket using our bot via #admin-support or DMing @Alfred directly.

Division 1

  1. Chunkopop Enthusiasts
  3. Team 2
  4. Eclipse
  5. two men kissing
  6. but how washed is tesla??
  7. animetv
  8. 2 chooks
  9. Minji + Danielle
  10. Stroketrine & Strokey

Division 2

  1. smol cats
  2. mhazakey
  3. sun with face
  4. rolled and smoked
  5. Vi(e)t Gang
  6. cheese sandwich #1
  7. noob ultiduo
  8. Ownage + Pure

Division 3

  1. Charles and Eddie
  2. cheese sandwich #2
  3. HoT whEElZ
  4. I aint gay but a kiss and a cuddle goes a long way
  5. Poopy joe
  6. 3 syllable word
  7. Sigma nation
  8. for every kill you get ill give you a

Division 4

  2. giant alien spiders are no joke!
  3. AvoCado
  4. aubdrey
  5. Morb Fortress 2 - Morbheads
  7. Margret Thatcher
  8. big challenges
  9. hi miku...
  10. Peace And War

Weapon Unlocks / Whitelist for Ultiduo 18

As we noted in our previous posts, we ran some Discord Polls to see if players would like to see new unlocks added to the Ultiduo 18 whitelist to spice things up. The results are in, and the following weapons will be added:

  • Disciplinary Action added.
  • Solemn Vow added.

No other unlocks are being added for Ultiduo 18. You can view the updated whitelist here.

Maps & Poll Results

With the Discord Polls for Weapon Unlocks came polls for new maps. Ultiduo in ozfortress hasn't seen more than one map for what feels like a millenia, so we've added the ones you voted for.

  • Baloo added.
  • Swine added.
  • Champions added.
    • Please note that Champions has Passtime style powerups. We ran a follow-up poll to ensure players were aware of this, and out of everyone who voted, nearly 60% (58%) wanted Champions, so it will remain.
  • ozfortress' Ultiduo map will be remaining to bring us to a total of four maps in the pool.


For Ultiduo 18, teams will need to coordinate with their opponents and book the server themselves from We have upped the available servers to 20 servers, two over the amount we need. We've left a buffer to allow for some servers that aren't Ultiduo games, but please be aware - if we need a server for an Ultiduo game, we will be unbooking your non-Ultiduo server. However, we will prioritize unbooking empty Ultiduo servers first. If you cannot get a server, please let us know via #ultiduo18-support.

In addition to teams needing to book/reserve their own server, they will also be responsible for changing the map and setting the config. To find these commands, please see our Ultiduo 18 Resources page. It contains the map aliases, configs and everything else you'll need.

If you notice any server stability issues, please do not hesitate to poke is in #ultiduo18-support immediately. Whilst in theory server stability should be fine, we are running a higher amount of servers (although with far less players) than we have before.


You've likely heard the first expectation before, but we'll put our expectations (and a few notices) in list form so you know what we need from you.

  • Do not delay the match for your opponents.
    • Please start each game as soon as possible as there is a tight schedule, and delaying will delay the entire cup. If the other team has not shown up five minutes after the server has been booked, message an administrator to claim your forfeit win. Please DO NOT delay for the other team as a courtesy.
  • The Team Captains Discord will not be used for Ultiduo 18.
    • Instead, there will be an #ultiduo18-feed channel in our main Discord where we will be pinging all participants. If you are not in the ozfortress Discord, please join. We will need at minimum one player from each duo to be present in the ozfortress Discord for the duration of the event.
  • A quick reminder, we have an Ultiduo 18 Ruleset now! Please peruse it prior to the event.
  • All support should be directed to #ultiduo18-support.
  • KritzKast may cover playoffs, it entirely depends on how busy we are.

Most importantly, have fun!

We're hoping the map and weapon changes will put a new spin on Ultiduo for Ultiduo 18. As always, we'll be running a follow-up survey.