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Congratulations Open winners MORTified


Snakewater - 2 -0
Process - 3 - 0

Congratulations to MORTified on winning the OZF 19 Open Grand Final against talk smack get wacked.

The ozfortress Season 19 Open Grand Final see the top seeded playoff team of MORTified take on the second-seeded talk smack get wacked in a replay of the UPP a week prior. The first map was Snakewater, and MORTified opened strong with a dominant mid win into a quickly converted last push, putting the opponent immediately on the back foot. What followed next was a very closely fought round, with neither team giving an inch. Both Huffy and 2345y were on fire; both Demomen showing off their incredible pipe aim whilst being complimented by strong pocket play from Seraph and Woof. The flank players all had their moments, with MORTified's ARandomDeadDude and talk smack's ZyLife both coming up with damaging flank plays at times. Both teams repeatedly exchanged points and frags in a marathon round, however, despite ARandomDeadDude's altercation with a roller door, MORTified found themselves attacking last thanks to an extremely impressive showing from their scout Xaichi. However, talk smack get wacked's absorbed multiple last pushes, but an ill-fated attempt to push out of last would eventually be their undoing as Nexus managed to sneak behind for a backcap, winning MORTified the epic 25-minute round and securing themselves snakewater by a score of 2-0.

Now facing a map deficit, talk smack get wacked came into their map pick of Process and showed their bad intentions early with a dominant mid win led by an Ownage 4k. However, MORTified showed their fortitude, defending last strongly and repeatedly catching out isolated talk smackd players and generating player advantages. MORTified managed to slowly push the length of the map, eventually finding themselves pushing at the last of talk smack. talk smack's last defences were commendable, with some clutch engineer play from ZiLyfe and strong damage output from 2345y. But the eventual difference maker would be ARandomDeadDude , whose Sniper play was borderline absurd and eventually created the opening MORTified needed to successfully push last and take a 1-0 lead. Momentum now heavily in their favour, MORTified continued to show cohesive team play and repeatedly picked off straggling members of talk smack; those player advantages allowing them to follow up on Huffy's damage and close out 2 more rounds. With the clock against them and facing a 3-0 deficit, talk smack tried to turn up the aggression and take the fight to MORTified, but it proved to be too little too late as MORTified secured a 3-0 win on process, becoming ozfortress Season 19 Open Champions by a map score of 2-0.

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Season 20 is right round the corner!


1st - MORTified
2nd - talk smack get wacked
3rd - Sand People


Champions: MORTified
Best Demoman: Tricka
Best Medic: Fargoth
Best Pocket: Seraph
Best Roamer: Alt
Best Scout: Sickday
Best Utility: kELlEr

Most Improved Player: Fargoth and Marshall
Most Valuable Player: Seraph

Friendliest Team: Sand People
Most Improved Team: Sand People and Real Dream

Credit to yauch for the match writeup.