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Website Survey & Why

We won't bury the lead. We're looking to work heavily on bringing new features to the ozfortress website in the next year or two, along with a fresh new look for the website. We won't commit to having everything done this year, but we do plan to have something to show you.

We have a small list of goals, features and commitments we are aiming to bring to you regardless of the feedback you submit below. So what are we planning? Well:

  • Improved mobile browser experience. This won't be limited to just, but could see potential improvements and perhaps even integrations with our main website.
  • Complete redesign of the website. There are a lot of problems that likely bug anyone from the year 2024, and that's ok - it's had its day, but it's time for a refresh.
  • It won't just be us hosting competitions in the future. We haven't announced this publicly, so surprise? We want to enable those who organize and host great TF2 competitions within Oceania and Asia. We have no interest in competing with or replacing any existing services, but if you have ever tried to run a tournament in the past, you likely came across challenge after challenge. We already have a lot of users signed up to our website, so to us - it just makes sense.

We have ambitions to create new and engaging competitions, events and experiences in 2024 and beyond, but first, we need to lay the groundwork and figure out what to tackle. This survey will be invaluable for us, as your feedback will directly influence where we place our time and effort.

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Help Wanted

A large focus for 2024 is our new player experience. Over this year, we intend to invest a lot of time and effort in overhauling anything and everything to do with players joining our wonderful community. As a result, we're looking for the following:

New Player Experience Team Members

This is an internal team focused on coordinating efforts towards improving the experience of new players as they attempt to get involved in competitive Team Fortress 2.


These are community members who want to help out new players. This could be in the capacity of offering demo reviews, team map reviews, or being involved in future events focused on new players.

Art Team Members

We're looking to create high-quality resources as part of this overhaul, so if you have a knack for graphic design or video production experience/skills, we'd love to hear from you.