Sperkle Highlander Head Admin & Media Coordinator

Hey everyone, voting is now open for the Season Awards. For those who aren't unfamiliar with the Season Awards, nothing huge has changed from seasons prior to last season. As always, votes must be sent to the specified admins via Discord DMs. Please read through the appropriate thread for your division carefully as we have made some changes to the formatting in the threads. Voting closes on the 30th of December 2023 at 11:59pm AEDT via one of your team captains. Failing to do this will prevent your votes from being counted.

Only captains to vote. Please submit with 3 votes for EVERY category (bar Premier highlander who only need to place 2 votes in every category except Casters & MVP were 3 votes are required). You only have to do the division your team participated in.

For those who haven't voted before, we've gone ahead and reformatted our Voting Threads (linked below) and brought them into the modern age, with some quality of life changes. We've made the process a little clearer, added some FAQs and given you some quick links to click for contacting the specified admins via Discord more easily. When submitting your votes, feel free to leave any ideas or suggestions you have with that admin, or if you ran into any issues whilst preparing your votes.

The Season Awards process is something we'll be looking to slowly innovate on as time goes on. Last season we tried a new voting implementation using Google Forms, but ended up finding it to be far more difficult and time consuming for us to setup, with player feedback suggesting that it was also far more time consuming and confusing for them. We likely won't be moving away from the tried-and-tested process of old anytime soon, but we will be looking to improve on it where we can.

Voting Threads

Sixes Voting

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Highlander Voting

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