Sperkle Highlander Head Admin & Media Coordinator

Wait, no, don't go! Before you take off we just have one small request... PLEASE FILL IN THE POST SEASON HIGHLANDER POLL!

Highlander Post Season Poll

With seasons finished for Premier, Intermediate and Open Highlander, the time has now come for us to hear from you. We have crafted a nifty poll with questions spanning from your thoughts on weapon bans to how you felt about playing a... sixes map... in highlander. With all this information we will analyze and crunch the numbers, using the data to shape our future seasons.

This fancy poll is linked below. You'll hear from us one more time with our end of season post containing all our winners and player awards (so go submit your nominations already).

Upcoming Sixes Changes and Sixes Post Season Poll

Head Sixes Admin multi has been busy cooking up some changes based on player feedback and said to expect a big post sharing some proposed changes later this week. As a result, the Sixes Post Season Poll will be coming out slightly later so that all you Sixes fanatics have an opportunity to provide feedback on these proposed changes. And who knows, maybe we'll see some of these changes sneak into Highlander Autumn '24 (S6)!