core League Director

You've probably already seen some of the changes we have made in our discord, but we want to talk about some of them with you:

  • Streamlined support. Whilst we did love the #league-support channels, often questions and support requests could just go unanswered. Yes - that one's on us, but we want to make it more convenient for staff and players alike to get help faster by having @Alfred create tickets depending on what support you need. From there, you are sent to the right people who can help you, and they'll be notified when you make a ticket.
  • Removed, moved or replaced some lesser used channels, or channels that could be improved a bit:
    • The old #pugs channel has been replaced with #pug-servers, containing a list of community-run pug servers and services. To have yours added, contact an admin! Please note, we won't add every single server that is made, you'll need to have some reputation.
    • As stated above, #sixes-support and highlander-support have been removed, and we've added #help-and-feedback. We ask that players who need support that they'd typically take to one of our old league specific channels, use #admin-support. This channel will allow you to quickly create a ticket that is opened with the correct admins for that league or question, and it's all done via DM's between you and @Alfred.
      • #help-and-feedback is now a more general, open channel that anyone can ask and answer questions in. Got a question about a HUD, want to make us aware of something minor or have feedback for us? This is the place. Please be aware we will keep a close eye on this channel, excessive trolling, especially of newer players will land you timed out or worse.
    • We also moved quite a few channels:
      • All discussion channels are now all in the same Discussion category, including the voice channels. The Recruit & Organise category is still in the same place, and still functions the same way.
      • The #book-a-server channel has been moved to the ozfortress category with our support channels and whatnot.
  • We have some exciting stuff coming up, so we figured we should get our discord ready. Whilst most of the changes are minor, we do expect there to be some learning curves when it comes to support, but please know it comes from us genuinely wanting to better handle, answer and resolve questions/concerns/issues/disputes you may have in the future.
  • Whilst we are preparing for some upcoming announcements, we want to let you know about one in particular. We will be writing a short list of rules for our discord which will reside in #readme and on our Community Guidelines (which will be soon overhauled). Don't expect these rules to be anything crazy, but it will make it a little clearer what our punishment process will be.

There will be a not-so-small post coming very soon detailing Spring '23 season changes (which definitely should have been out before now, sorry 🙃), updates to our docs and rulesets, the usual. If you have any issues with anything we've detailed above, or know of any problems with our docs you think we should be aware of before publishing an update, please DM @core directly on discord, thanks!