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Highlander S4 Post-Season Poll Results

Below you will find the poll results for all of the non-text response poll fields for the Highlander Season 4 Post-Season Poll. Please note, these results images were gathered 6:30 Wednesday 20th of September, so any responses beyond that time will not be reflected here.

We also put out a followup poll to discern whether or not players would be interested in replacing one of either Proot or Warmtic with a 5CP map, in which players voted to remove Warmtic and add Gullywash.

Season and Administration Feedback

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Follow Up Poll Maps

Pick/Ban Changes (Option 1: Home-Ban, Away-Ban, Home-Ban, Away-Ban, Home-Pick, Away-Pick, Home-Pick)

Why don't we show the text responses?

We hide text responses to properly filter and address the feedback internally without the concern of someones response being criticized or judged by the community.