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Sixes S37 Post-Season Poll Results

The images below are the results of the Sixes S37 Post-Season poll in order of where they were in the poll. There is a summary at the bottom which discusses some discrepancies between divisions, we've included some charts to illustrate that further. The poll result images below were gathered on Sunday the 24th of September 2023, the division comparisons at the bottom were collected on the 19th (as the data was used for our meeting originally, and we wanted to put forth what we discussed in our meeting to you).

Experimental Cup 2 poll + Followup poll coming soon

We are aiming to release a poll for our Experimental Cup 2 tournament soon which will also include some followup questions for subjects we polled in the Sixes S37 poll, as there were a few areas when reviewing the results where we want to seek some player clarification. For example, Premier and Open were confident approvals for the Progressive Ruleset, but Main was a three way split between Yes/No/Indefinite, and High and Intermediate had a majority voting No, so we'll be asking what players do and don't like about the ruleset. We've seen more result variation from Premier compared to every other division, so we'll be reaching out to Premier during Sixes Spring '23 signups and having chats regarding some potential changes.

We've included some graphs below to show the breakdown of voting per division for non-map or whitelist questions, and please note that if you haven't seen anything about a change happening or not happening, it doesn't mean that it won't - but it also doesn't mean that it will. Some changes, in particular the map pool size, require changes to other established systems/rules/etc, or we aren't confident in a narrow lead in results on a question so we may opt to poll it again in the future.

Please note that the charts below were made on the 19th, and there has been five more responses since then (58 > 63), however they are more to illustrate why regardless of which side of the line it favours slightly, that we want to check in with players and teams alike.

Why don't we show the text responses?

We hide text responses to properly filter and address the feedback internally without the concern of someones response being criticized or judged by the community.