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We hope you're ready for Sixes Season 37! You can find the Player Restrictions now linked as a button at the top of the Sixes Season 37 league page.

Seedings are listed in order, with all divisions making use of our standard Round Robin. Division administrators will be updated before match generation and can be found on the Administrators page linked via a button at the top of the league page. Expect matches to be generated tonight.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns, please visit our Discord's support category.

Please note, updated Final Placements and Restrictions can be found on our most recent news post.


Taoyuan Leopards
en passant


fever kids
east meets west
Seal Team Six
Terrible Tactics
:3 coalition


beggars cant be choosers
Salt Free Gaming.
Avo's Cados


Bulgarian Odyssey
Insisting on a Phisting
Should Be Studying
emgee and the egirls
Ownage + 5


Spare No Opps
fking hl mains
Drake & Drive
Left 4 bread
Morb Fortress 2 - Morbheads
Famous Last Words

Reintroducing High

For Sixes Season 37, we are introducing a division; High. If you haven't seen it before, High sits between Premier and Intermediate, with Main and Open still in their standard order. During our initial seedings meeting, we felt there was a clear distinction between the levels of teams we have placed in each division, and that the more traditional four division you've seen wasn't as suited, thus we reintroduced High. We will be hyper-focused on ensuring we collect enough feedback in the post-season poll for this season and will be working to iterate on the poll throughout the season to better discern what you want to be changed, what you like, and what you don't.

Regular Season Length

As you may notice, some divisions have less than eight teams (Premier with five teams, Intermediate and Main with six teams) which when using Round Robin where you can only play each team once, means that there are less rounds - five rounds in this case. We'll update the schedule to reflect this, however, it does mean that Playoff rounds in those divisions are ahead two weeks than the current schedule. As with the reintroduction of High, we will be polling for player feedback on the shorter season length for these divisions, as that feedback will directly influence potential format changes in the next couple of seasons.

Sixes Seasonal League Format Changes

Way to bury the lede much. To be 100% clear and transparent, we do not intend to make any changes without extensive feedback and polling, nor do we have anything concrete to present to you as of now. But what has become clearer in the last few seasons are the gaps in overall skill groups within ozfortress, especially at the top, which is much of what pushed us towards reintroducing High as a division. There is no one fix to this issue, but we are hoping that with a series of changes we can address what we feel may be potential pain points for some, and reach a better normal for everyone overall. While anecdotal, we have heard the following from some players, which we hope we may be able to address with any potential format changes:

  • Committing to a ten-week total season can be tiring, especially for teams that scrim consistently. After discussing season length with them, we noted most agreed that around two weeks less per season would be ideal. This is something we want to poll, but we've found in the past that the most effective feedback comes after players have the opportunity to try whatever it is we wanted to ask in the poll. As such, we felt this season was the perfect opportunity, and it will give you and your team the chance to try a snippet of what may be coming in future seasons.
    • When talking to a potential sponsor, the question of the season's overall length came up, and while we don't ever want to make changes to cater to a sponsor, it did bring up the question again and that is why we asked players for their thoughts on a shorter season.

NA Round Timer Trial Tournament

There is a bonus to shorter seasons. That bonus is larger and more frequent off-season tournaments. You may have seen our 2023 schedule graphic which indicated there would be a multi-week tournament after this season. This is still the plan, but we figured we would drop a little teaser! We're looking to trial the version of the round timer plugin used by RGL in North America, aptly named the "Progressive Ruleset Timer". If you haven't seen what's different, we'll send you to their YouTube for a VOD, but it aims to further eliminate stalemates, waiting down the clock and encourage comebacks. Typically this version of the plugin results in longer overall map playtime, which is why we were initially hesitant to make use of it. While it won't be the only thing we experiment with in the tournament, it will be the headline feature.

We hope to hear from you!

We will be working closely with experienced players in multiple divisions over the coming months to begin to poll potential changes and solutions, and we hope to hear from you too!