The Big Monstrosity win OZF 23 Open!

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Congratulations Open winners The Big Monstrosity


Logjam - 6 - 2
Process - 0 - 4
Gullywash - 4 - 0

Congratulations to The Big Monstrosity on winning the OZF 23 Open Grand Final against N1nja Death Squad.

The series began on the newest addition to the ozfortress map pool: Logjam. The pick of The Big Monstrosity, they quickly showed dominance with two extremely fast round wins. N1nja Death Squad were able to answer back however, and after some back and forth brawling between the two teams they were able to claim two rounds of their own and equalise the scores. Despite this resistance, N1nja Death Squad were unable to stop the dominating performance of Johnny and The Big Monstrosity took the next four rounds in a row, taking the map 6 - 2.

N1nja Death Squad picked Process and immediately sent a statement to The Big Monstrosity after taking the first round in only one minute and thirty-six seconds. The next three rounds were much more hard-fought, but N1nja Death Squad were able to claim them all, ultimately winning the map 4 - 0 thanks to impressive performances from their Scout combo of K1ng and chill.

The last map of the series was Gullywash, and The Big Monstrosity looked reinvigorated. Despite the defenses of N1nja Death Squad, The Big Monstrosity were able to claim the first four rounds of the map. With no time left for a comeback, The Big Monstrosity were able to claim the map 4 - 0 and the series 2 - 1 and become your ozfortress season 23 Open Champions!

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Stay tuned for A Midsummer Night's Cup 2019!


1st - The Big Monstrosity
2nd - N1nja Death Squad
3rd - chiken


Champions: The Big Monstrosity
Best Demoman: Johnny
Best Medic: max
Best Pocket: Eternal
Best Roamer: Hirast
Best Pocket Scout: bill
Best Flank Scout: Clashe
Best Utility: Hirast

Most Improved Player: a team of ants in their prime
Most Valuable Player: Johnny

Friendliest Team: Uber Beets
Most Improved Team: UN1VERSE 11 and Moronic Interrogative?
Best Dressed Team: Uber Beets
Best Caster: xander