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Welcome back!

Returning from a brief but busy off-season, ozfortress presents to you Highlander Season 4. We hope you'll enjoy our Autumn Action cups, and are ready to take on another season of ozfortress Highlander!

Due to the condensed off-season, many of the seasonal changes you have come to expect are yet to be fully published, however we are working to release the post-season poll shortly, and a few days after its release we will post the results and applicable Highlander changes.


You can sign up for Highlander Season 4 from Saturday the 27th of May, up until Wednesday the 7th of June 2023. We aim to have seeding out by Saturday the 10th of June at the latest, before the season starts. The season starts Tuesday the 13th of June 2023.

Please see the signup agreement at the bottom of the league page for further information on helping us out with seedings!