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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be medals/badges?
Sadly, there will not be badges for BBall 1.

Are we allowed substitutes or mercenaries?
No, both substitute players and mercenaries will not be allowed for the event. If one player on the team becomes unavailable, please contact an administrator as soon as possible, applicable only before the tournament starts.

How long can pauses last for?
Pauses for this tournament must not individually last longer than three minutes, or combined more than five minutes. Teams are allowed two pauses only. If there are any complications, contact your division's administrator immediately.

The other team isn't showing up, what do I do?
If the team is more than five minutes late, contact your division's administrator to claim a forfeit win.

What is the maximum amount of players per team?
You can only have two rostered players. In the event of needing to replace a player, one will need to be removed. See "Are we allowed substitutes or mercenaries?" above for more information.

How many teams go into Playoffs?
Four teams from each division will proceed to Playoffs in a Single Elimination fashion, with the losing teams being eliminated, and the winning teams proceeding to the Grand Finals. The Semi-Finals matchups will be the as follows: 1st vs. 3rd, 2nd vs. 4th.

Can we forfeit a match?
Forfeits are the same as the regular season, except on the second forfeit a team will be removed.