core League Director


We have reverted to the one-night cup schedule used for Ultiduo 15 for both Ultiduo 17 and BBall 1, following feedback received from Ultiduo 16. Below are the start times for each round, and Best of 1/Best of 3 designators. At the bottom of this page, we have added quick RCON command strings to make server administration easier for you!

Round 1
7:30 PM AEST (Best of 1)
Round 2
7:50 PM AEST (Best of 1)
Round 3
8:10 PM AEST (Best of 1)
Round 4
8:30 PM AEST (Best of 1)
8:50 PM AEST (Best of 3)
Grand Finals
9:40 PM AEST (Best of 3)

Please note: Round 4 will depend entirely on the amount of teams signed up, otherwise the cup will proceed onto Semi-Finals after Round 3.

Server Quick Commands

  1. rcon changelevel ctf_bball_ozone_ozf
  2. rcon ozf-bball-standard