core League Director


We have reverted to the one-night cup schedule used for Ultiduo 15 this time around, following feedback received from Ultiduo 16. Below are the start times for each round, and Best of 1/Best of 3 designators. At the bottom of this page, we have added quick RCON command strings to make server administration easier for you!

Round 1
7:30 PM AEST (Best of 1)
Round 2
7:50 PM AEST (Best of 1)
Round 3
8:10 PM AEST (Best of 1)
Round 4
8:30 PM AEST (Best of 1)
8:50 PM AEST (Best of 3)
Grand Finals
9:40 PM AEST (Best of 3)

Server Quick Commands

  1. rcon changelevel ultiduo_ozf_r
  2. rcon ozf-ud-ultiduo