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Post-Season Polls!

We're looking for as much feedback as possible! If you are a team captain, please send the poll to your team and encourage them to fill it out! The poll only takes a few minutes to complete, providing us with feedback, insight, and concerns on potential changes, our future direction, and more. We've linked each poll below!

Next Seasons & Delays

There is a bit of a surprise below, but we wanted to give everyone some insight into why things are moving a bit slowly on our end. In late 2022, our main and only server provider Qixalite announced that they would be taking a step back, and slowly shutting down services. We have been working to have our own server solution ready, but this takes time and will undoubtedly have teething problems. If everything goes according to plan, you should see our new servers in action for our upcoming cups (yes, plural).

Something is returning!

We're excited to see you back for Season 36 of Sixes and Season 3 of Highlander, but first, we have some off-season action coming. Many of you have noticed that we're running a bit behind schedule, but we promise there are good reasons for our delays. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek, for some it'll be familiar:

Please note: This art is not final, merely a placeholder teaser!