mitch LAN Downunder & Summer Brawl staff

Summer is coming...

After a long 2022, grab ya sunnies and take the load off with our new Summer LAN hosted in Brisbane, Queensland. Welcome back to the Summer Brawl! 😎

Based on feedback from the LAN Downunder 2022 event, player's seemed interested in meeting up again in the Summer. So here's your invitation to join up with teammates in Brisbane for some 6v6 LAN fun on Saturday Jan 14th, followed by a packed social meetup day on Sunday Jan 15th! This is a trip you won’t want to miss.

The 6v6 tournament will be using maps from the ozfortress Season 35 map pool, as well as ruleset and whitelist changes introduced in this season. There may be changes to this based off the end of season poll.

Summer Brawl 2023 will be held at the Team Bliss HQ in Coopers Plains, Brisbane QLD, you can check out the venue here.

Tickets and registration

Teams can register through the ozfortress page where the event tournament will be hosted. Once you've signed up your team or have joined one, you must purchase a Player ticket. If you do not you will be removed from the roster at the closing of sign-ups. Players will receive access to 1 PC and monitor, as well as a keyboard, mouse and headset. You are welcome to bring your own peripherals however we do not have the equipment or space for BYOC. Players must prepare a USB with their HUD and config so that it can be uploaded to the PC quickly.

Spectators also need to purchase a ticket to maintain safe capacity in the venue. Spectators will be given access to all player floors as well as a viewing area of the broadcast.

The ticket prices for Summer Brawl 2023 are:

Players: $40 AUD
Spectators: $2 AUD

Costs for social events on day two will vary, but we will keep you updated on the details for the day. All attendees are encouraged to be double vaccinated and be aware of current COVID restrictions for Queensland and any travel restrictions.

You can sign up for the CappingTV Summer Brawl 2023 from Friday the 4th of November, up until Saturday 31st of December at 11:59pm AEDT.

Registrations and FAQ β˜€ | Discord πŸ–

looks good guys