core League Director

artwork by core & Patrick

Congratulations to all of the teams who have made it to Playoffs. We would like to thank everyone who has and is currently participating, we hope to collect everyone's thoughts on the proposed changes for Season 35 after the cup has finished.

  1. Witness Gaming
  2. Goon Squad
  3. (° ͟ʖ °)
  4. Filet Minion
  1. fever kids
  2. Gushes Goons
  3. altombo's kittens
  4. le fish
  1. Insisting on a Phisting
  2. Meat Your Match
  3. RTBA
  4. Woolies Chicken Rissoles

Quick FAQ / Clarification

We have a few things we want to clarify and answer for Day 3.

  • Mercenary rules for Day 3 are exactly the same as Days 1 & 2, you can find this in the FAQ section of the Experimental Cup page, but we'll reiterate it here as well.
    • The mercenary rules are the same as the regular season, you are limited to two mercenaries per match and only able to use mercenaries within four of your matches in this cup. This means you could use eight (8) different players, or the same two mercenaries four times, but you cannot use mercenaries in more than four matches. You must get approval from the captain of the opposing team like in our regular season fixtures.
  • An unknown server issue present on the ozfortress servers seems to be affecting whitelists executed by the Experimental Cup configs. We ask that players observe the whitelist, which can be found linked on the Experimental Cup page, for the duration of the cup. We have been unable to solve the issue, but it appears executing the config a few times does seem to work. We'll make sure this issue is not able to affect the regular season configs.

Pick Ban process for Playoffs

  • Home team Bans
  • Away team Bans
  • Home team Picks
  • Away team Picks
  • Home team Picks (Decider - will only be one map left)

Thank you all for your diligence in sticking to the schedule, the only delays during this cup have been on us, and for that, we'd like to apologize.