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The following config files should be used for the ozfortress Experimental Cup 1:


Please note that these files are required on any non-bookable server. These are not to execute the config, the commands to do that are below and dependent on where you book the server from.

Control Point (5CP) Maps

These are the only maps featured within the cup. Because of this, the config setup is pretty simple. You can execute these configs using the already setup aliases - simply put rcon ozf-ec-standard in your console and press enter to execute the config! If you need to execute the golden cap config, you can do so using rcon ozf-ec-golden and again, press enter to execute it.

Both aliases/commands above are the same on both ozfortress and Qixalite.

Control Point (5CP) Win Conditions and Format

This information can also be found on the main page, but for the ozfortress Experimental Cup 1, 5CP maps need to be played to a thirty (30) minute time limit, and a round win limit of five (5). Win difference should be off as it is set to zero (0). If the round scores are tied after the thirty (30) minute time limit, then the Golden Cap config should be used. This will set the win limit to five (5), with no time limit.

Round Timer plugin/s QnA

Why is ozfortress not using the version of the plugin that adds 1 to the current highest round score from either team after the time limit reaches zero?

Yeah, there is a bit to unpack here. Currently, the original plugin by the same author has been used more, and the new plugin which features the changes to round scoring is relatively new, so we opted to use the older plugin for now as it observes the thirty-minute time limit we have set, which is more ideal for this cup.

Wait, there are two plugins?

We had the same reaction. The new plugin seems to only be functionally different in how it is enabled and the added round scoring functionality. Otherwise, both operate mostly the same and achieve the same result in regards to the round timer.

Will ozfortress ever use the new plugin?

We'll look into it, it definitely needs further testing.