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Thread: small idea for the site

But bunneez what are you trying to accomplish here? Personally I enjoy 6's more because I find, sniper, pyro, engi and heavy to slow the game down to much for my taste and that high level of team communication is rare to find but like 6's, when it's good it can be very fun. But, it doesn't really matter if a gamer likes 6's or HL more, we all like TF2 and should be allowed to enjoy whatever way we chose to play it. Perhaps we should use this merger as an opportunity to change the narrative surrounding 6's vs Highlander and should bond over our enjoyment of this amazing game rather than try to divide our communities over the different ways we enjoy to play it, highlander offers a freindly community and place for all the players who don't main a 6's class to play the game competitivly with slightly less individual pressure than 6's. Just play the game how you want to play it and don't bring other people down, it's doesn't make the game any more fun for you.

Thread: ozfortress ban: adolo

i liked zias more when he was stigma

Thread: OZF 33 - Congratulations to the Winners & Runner-ups!

[REDACTED] LFG seriously

Thread: OZF 33 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: Flying Spies BLACK
Division (Premier/High/Intermediate/Main/Open): inter
Best Combo Scout: vivi
Best Flank Scout: tohka
Best Pocket Soldier: conflux
Best Roaming Soldier: lux
Best Medic: reign
Best Demoman: author
Best Utility: tohka
Most Improved Player: reign

Thread: ozfortress ban: Papapatooie

justice for charlie

Thread: ozfortress ban: Danny / HERTZ

I once rented a room from him, was the worst experience

Thread: lawn mowers win OZF 32 High!

bad take..

Thread: God Emperor Seals wins OZF 32 Intermediate!

justice for the gullywash floor scout