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Thread: ozfortress September 2021 banwave

interesting discrepancy in ban length times for alting bans once again, curious... wonder why that might be... some kind of pattern emerging perhaps...

few "naughty" words > actually cheating within a league

Thread: ozfortress September 2021 banwave

dauq on suicide watch after 3rd place prem

Thread: OZF 31 - Voting Nominations

Team Name: flow state
Division Premier
Best Combo Scout: pandemic
Best Flank Scout: kcaj
Best Pocket Soldier: mix
Best Roaming Soldier: matt
Best Medic: jd
Best Demoman: mef
Best Utility: rin
Most Improved Player: rin

Thread: Announcing ISOLATION DEVASTATION 2020!

medic movement speed moment

Thread: ozfortress Presents: A Midsummer Night's Cup 2019 #1

play 4 the badge

Thread: fav hat

open badge

Thread: Announcing the ozfortress Revival Cup 2018!

trakk sucks

Thread: A trip down memory lane...

i have been waiting for gravelpit games for so long, but no one plays with me