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Congratulations Intermediate winners Artix Entertainment


Granary - 5 - 0
Snakewater - 5 - 0
Match Thread

Congratulations to Artix Entertainment on winning the OZF 29 Intermediate Grand Final against Pogjuice Aficionados

After narrowly losing the second map in the Upper Page Playoffs in a 10 minute golden cap, Pogjuice Aficionados were back to play Artix Entertainment after winning their Semi Final match. The maps choosen were Granary, Snakewater and Product, the first map being picked by Artix Entertainment.

Granary started off well for Artix Entertainment, pressuring Pogjuice Aficionados out of mid. However both Medics survived and Artix Entertainment could not retain second. Pogjuice Aficionados won one an Uber exchange and began their assault into mid. Despite winning back mid of a fantastic fight, Pogjuice Aficionados were not able to push into last despite their 40% advantage and were pushed right back to the other half of the map. Pogjuice Aficionados' Medic was forced in Lunchbox but were unable to quickly force the oppositions Uber and Artix Entertainment were able to finally push into last and win the first round.

Artix Entertainment kept the momentum going and won the next mid and were able to pick players off on second. Despite the best efforts of the remaining and spawning players of Pogjuice Aficionados they were unable to hold off the stronger Uber and the second round went to Artix Entertainment.

Again, the next mid fight was won by Artix Entertainment, who wiped all players from Pogjuice Aficionados and pushed all the way to second. With a full Uber disadvantage Pogjuice Aficionados allowed Artix Entertainment to ease into second, trying to stall as much as they could to try and get their Uber, but this was not enough. A Demo bomb killed Pogjuice Aficionados' Medic on 85% as well as destroyed the Sentry Gun all while the rest of Artix Entertainment pushed in and cleaned up on each others damage. A very convincing 3rd round.

The forth and fifth rounds were both repeats of the 3rd, killing Pogjuice Aficionados' Medic and pushing straight into last.

Looking to turn things around on the second map Snakewater, picked by Pogjuice Aficionados, they took the first aggressive move on mid and managed to push Artix Entertainment out. Despite killing Artix Entertainment's Medic at 99% they were unable to keep theirs alive, allowing Artix Entertainment to have a 30% Uber advantage once both Medics spawned. Artix Entertainment aggressively pushed into mid with a huge Demo bomb, getting Pogjuice Aficionados' Medic along with the second point. Artix Entertainment still with Uber advantage pushed into last and quickly wiping Pogjuice Aficionados and converting last.

The second mid went a lot better for Pogjuice Aficionados, killing Artix Entertainment's Medic while keeping theirs alive. Their first push into last failed after loosing their Demo to a trap and their Medic dropping to a bodyshot. Not to be disheartened they kept fighting at mid and were able to pick up Artix Entertainment's Medic and retaining an Uber advantage. An early use from Lower was unsuccessful and they lost all their players despite their best efforts. Artix Entertainment tried as fast as they could to go all the way to last but Pogjuice Aficionados just got Uber and were able to defend and push back out. Pogjuice Aficionados continued their aggression into mid but kept going and going and Artix Entertainment pushed back hard, winning the Uber fight and wiping Pogjuice Aficionados, enabling Artix Entertainment to push into last and win the second round.

Pogjuice Aficionados were able to take the 3rd mid but were crushed when they forced an Uber exchange pushing out of Saw. Pogjuice Aficionados were able to slowly work forward out and capture mid, but had subsequently leapfrogged the Ubers allowing Artix Entertainment to push straight back in. A couple back and forth mid trades and finally Artix Entertainment beautifully wiped Pogjuice Aficionados and went straight to their last and finished the round off.

Again Pogjuice Afficionados won the next mid and pushed straight to Artix Entertainment's last lobby. They pushed into last when both teams had even players. They tried again and were so close to dropping Artix Entertainment's Medic but ultimately failed the last push and were pushed back to their mid. With 6 minutes on the clock, desperation set in for Pogjuice Aficionados. They pushed all their players and were crushed by the waiting players from Artix Entertainment, who then pushed all the way and took the map to 4 - 0 with 5 minutes remaining.

Pogjuice Afficionados pulled out a Kritz play for the last round but nothing came of it, giving Artix Entertainment the chance to cap last and take both maps 5 - 0, convincingly crowning themselves the ozfortress season 29 Intermediate champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff, and patrons that helped make this season possible. We'll see you all again very soon!


1st - Artix Entertainment
2nd - Pogjuice Aficionados
3rd - Garden Warfare


Best Demoman: Cobra
Best Medic: Ravu4
Best Pocket: conflux
Best Roamer: lizrd wizrd
Best Combo Scout: smazza
Best Flank Scout: Tohka
Best Utility: bird

Most Improved Player: lizrd wizrd
Most Valuable Player: kai and smazza

Friendliest Team: Salt Free Gaming. and Pogjuice Aficionados
Most Improved Team: Is this Highlander?
Best Dressed Team: Chemistry Class
Best Caster: memories