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Congratulations Intermediate winners spn 70kg fatty!


Gullywash- 3 - 0
Snakewater - 4 - 1

Congratulations to spn 70kg fatty on winning the OZF 20 Intermediate Grand Final against Questionable.

The first map of the series started off on Gullywash, it began with a bit of a back and forth but at the 5 minute mark spn 70 took their first round and point. The next round started off with spn 70 taking the mid point and bringing their team all the way to lobby, where we saw offclasses to Sniper and Pyros in an attempt to break the stalemate. Just when it looked like time was about to stand still, Questionable took an aggresive Über straight through river. spn 70 managed to defend this and repush last with a large Über advantage and take another round. With a 2-0 deficit, Questionable tried their hardest and gave us a 12 minute round of team fights and Über pushes. Sadly for them, it wasn't enough as with well coordinated team play and good pushes, spn 70 brought themselves to the last point and took yet another round winning Gullywash with a 3-0 Scoreline.

After a short break the second map Snakewater was under way, Once again spn 70 showed their prowess and proceeded to take 2 rounds in 6 minutes, giving Questionable very little room to breathe. Determined however, Questionable showed they weren't going to roll over and give spn 70 any more easy rounds. They adjusted their play and took fights all over the map for a 16 minute brawl that ultimately lead to Questionable holding last with even Übers. Beep managed to connect a nice shot onto seraph but in the resulting Über trade in lobby Questionable lost decap and Zildjian, allowing the Über of spn 70 to walk into last and grab yet another round.

Things were looking dire for Questionable as they had yet to take a single round in the series, but with their backs to the wall they fired back quickly taking a very dominant mid to last round in just 1 minute.

There was potential for a comeback and high hopes coming into the next mid but much to the dismay of Questionable, the mid did not go as well as the previous fight and after a 4 minute bash spn 70 took yet another round bringing it to a 4-1 with only 2 minutes left on the clock. Questionable cut their losses and 'gg' was called as spn 70 claimed their gold as the OZF 20 Intermediate Champions.

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Stay tuned for the Summer!


1st - spn 70kg fatty
2nd - Questionable
3rd - The Nunjas


Champions: spn 70kg fatty
Best Demoman: Ryan
Best Medic: MR SLIN and Brion
Best Pocket: yoona
Best Roamer: john the asian
Best Scout: raze
Best Utility: raze

Most Improved Player: seraph
Most Valuable Player: emgee and encre

Friendliest Team: How I learned to stop worrying and love the ping
Most Improved Team: spn 70kg fatty
Best Dressed Team: Questionable and How i learned to stop worrying and love the ping
Best Caster: sage and rky

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go raze

im very proud that the name spn 70kg fatty stuck throughout the season :)