OZF 26 - Voting Nominations

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Team Name: Panda Bears
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Intermediate
Best Pocket Scout: Fez
Best Flank Scout: Sporks
Best Pocket Soldier: kl
Best Roaming Soldier: inStinct
Best Medic: Mikcow
Best Demoman: Pengstah
Best Utility: Sporks
Most Improved Player: kl

Retired League Administrator

Team Name: milkcrate thieves
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Pocket Scout: exquizit
Best Flank Scout: modus
Best Pocket Soldier: sage
Best Roaming Soldier: kenji
Best Medic: fk/greenish
Best Demoman: bumble
Best Utility: sage
Most Improved Player: bumble

Team Name: Coffee Clock
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Pocket Scout: cooki
Best Flank Scout: yui
Best Pocket Soldier: ywl
Best Roaming Soldier: down
Best Medic: arnold
Best Demoman: redcoat
Best Utility: yui
Most Improved Player: immaturellama

Team Name: meteor hammer
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Intermediate
Best Pocket Scout: whiscash
Best Flank Scout: b25
Best Pocket Soldier: tonberry
Best Roaming Soldier: Cinderella
Best Medic: cell
Best Demoman: hz
Best Utility: tonberry
Most Improved Player: Cinderella

Team Name: TF2Frags.net
Division: Main
Best Pocket Scout: ultra
Best Flank Scout: apa3
Best Pocket Soldier: davi
Best Roaming Soldier: Optivex
Best Medic: Thermite
Best Demoman: Tricka
Best Utility: davi
Most Improved Player: zenith

Team Name: The Older Gamers
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Pocket Scout: Sam.
Best Flank Scout: Elmo.
Best Pocket Soldier: Doge.exe has stopped working
Best Roaming Soldier: mattt
Best Medic: Sean.
Best Demoman: Paulsen
Best Utility: Elmo.
Most Improved Player: Elmo.

Team Name: twig Today at 4:20 PM @ everyone im horny
Division: Main
Best Pocket Scout: Seraph
Best Flank Scout: Susu
Best Pocket Soldier: Ace
Best Roaming Soldier: Auz
Best Medic: Shy
Best Demoman: Bitler
Best Utility: Ace
Most Improved Player: Shilo

Team Name: rat men
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Pocket Scout: teejay
Best Flank Scout: AiShou
Best Pocket Soldier: feyn
Best Roaming Soldier: shupah
Best Medic: v4na
Best Demoman: deft
Best Utility: AiShou
Most Improved Player: feyn