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Congratulations Premier winners Coffee Clock


Gullywash - 6 - 1
Sunshine - 5 - 1 Second Half
Product - 3 - 1

Congratulations to Coffee Clock on winning the OZF 25 Premier Grand Final against BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

The Grand Finals for season 25 were between Coffee Clock and BUTTERFLY EFFECT. After beating servo mutts in the Semi Finals narrowly on the second map, BUTTERFLY EFFECT were up against the top team Coffee Clock who so far hadn't dropped a single map throughout the entire season. The match was going to be tough for BUTTERFLY EFFECT, even though they were the only team who had taken any rounds off Coffee Clock!

The first map Gullywash, picked by Coffee Clock, started off quite one sided. Coffee Clock were taking rounds off BUTTERFLY EFFECT in under two minutes, and despite being able to keep their Medic dogroll alive for the last defense, BUTTERFLY EFFECT were unable to hold any of Coffee Clock's strong last pushes. The third round went in one minute 10 seconds after a massive five kill Kritzkrieg from redcoatzygote. Things were looking desperate for BUTTERFLY EFFECT as the score was 4 - 0 with time running out. Coffee Clock won the mid, with just a Soldier and Medic left alive. The round went back and forward, constantly trading midpoint and Medic picks. BUTTERFLY EFFECT managed to kill Coffee Clock's Medic from an Uber advantage push and push into last to gain their first point. Sadly for BUTTERFLY EFFECT the next two rounds went quickly in favour of Coffee Clock, ending the map 6 - 1 in the favour of Coffee Clock.

BUTTERFLY EFFECT picked Sunshine as their first map pick. The first round was a fast mid-to-last round in the favour of Coffee Clock. Despite keeping dogroll alive, BUTTERFLY EFFECT were unable to win the Uber trade and lost the first fight. The next round was much longer, caused by waiting for a Spy play after Coffee Clock won the mid. Coffee Clock's Spy play failed, so Sniper was the next choice. After an Uber trade the Sniper managed to kill BUTTERFLY EFFECT's Demoman and allowed Coffee Clock to win the round. The next round was back and forth, with drops from both Medics and Soldiers managing to force the oppositions Uber consistently. Slowly but surely the round went in favour of Coffee Clock. The next quick round again went to Coffee Clock after they won an Uber trade into last. A similar situation to last map. The next two rounds were both hard fought, BUTTERFLY EFFECT winning their first mid of the map and, after a successful spy play, managing win the last point, the final round went to Coffee Clock again and making the final score 5 - 1 to Coffee Clock.

Product started off looking like it would be in Coffee Clock's favour again. After wiping BUTTERFLY EFFECT at mid, dogroll spawned Kritzkreig and begin building in spawn while the sac wave began. Coffee Clock dropped their Uber, signaling a push from BUTTERFLY EFFECT on respawn, now with full Kritzkrieg. BUTTERFLY EFFECT managed to win the Kritz exchange and gained control of the point. However it was too late, as Coffee Clock had very little cap time remaining and were able to regain the point and hold it for the short remainder of the map. The next round was much similar, with only a single point ownership change. The third round started off with a mid win from BUTTERFLY EFFECT after their Sniper got some crucial picks. A successful force from a sac wave allowed Coffee Clock to push back in with one minute and 30 seconds left on BUTTERFLY EFFECT's clock. BUTTERFLY EFFECT managed to force Coffee Clock and gain an Uber advantage, which they then used to kill Coffee Clock's medic in the last few seconds and cap the point which they held for the rest of the round. Round 4 could still be the final round of the Grand Finals. After stomping the mid fight it was looking good for BUTTERFLY EFFECT for the rest of the match. After an Uber advantage push from BUTTERFLY EFFECT failed to kill Coffee Clock's Medic lau, Coffee Clock managed to capture the point and held on to it for the remainder of the match ending the map 3 - 1 and the series 3 - 0.Coffee Clock are your ozfortress Season 25 Premier champions!

Thank you to all the players, support staff and patrons that helped make this season possible!


1st - Coffee Clock
3rd - servo mutts


Champions: Coffee Clock
Best Demoman: redcoatzygote
Best Medic: dogroll and lau
Best Pocket: Doge.exe has stopped working
Best Roamer: riot
Best Pocket Scout: cooki
Best Flank Scout: down
Best Utility: cooki

Most Improved Player: yewl
Most Valuable Player: cooki

Friendliest Team: ad hominem attack
Most Improved Team: BUTTERFLY EFFECT
Best Dressed Team: misha
Best Caster: xander

congrats godroll

dogroll just so good man