OZF25 - Voting Nominations

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Team Name: bra boys
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Intermediate
Best Pocket Scout: ratsoup (microstiffy)
Best Flank Scout: kayne
Best Pocket Soldier: adam
Best Roaming Soldier: tokahontas
Best Medic: d-fault
Best Demoman: sessal
Best Utility: kayne
Most Improved Player: ratsoup

Team Name: Dino Squad
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Open
Best Pocket Scout: Lantern
Best Flank Scout: Mitch
Best Pocket Soldier: Beatle
Best Roaming Soldier: Ufd
Best Medic: Pique
Best Demoman: Snowy
Best Utility: Mitch
Most Improved Player: Beatle

Team Name: Αλμα~
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Open
Best Pocket Scout: fences
Best Flank Scout: Skinny
Best Pocket Soldier: Tank Drop
Best Roaming Soldier: newjuls
Best Medic: Mexi
Best Demoman: Luke
Best Utility: Skinny
Most Improved Player: newjuls

Team Name:
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Main
Best Pocket Scout: Br❤nte
Best Flank Scout: airflameon
Best Pocket Soldier: ace'
Best Roaming Soldier: pencil
Best Medic: rem
Best Demoman: john the asian
Best Utility: airflameon
Most Improved Player: ace'

Team Name: servo mutts
Division (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open): Premier
Best Pocket Scout: teejay
Best Flank Scout: v4na
Best Pocket Soldier: Doge.exe has stopped working
Best Roaming Soldier: feyn
Best Medic: OVeN
Best Demoman: deft
Best Utility: Doge.exe has stopped working
Most Improved Player: feyn