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Thread: League Penalties & Small Ruleset Updates

womp womp

Thread: ozfortress ban extension: magnett

relax bro he's already dead...

Thread: ozfortress ban: magnett

ok can we ban the rest of the pyro mains now? thanks.

Thread: ozfortress ban: pistol


Thread: ozfortress bans: max/weed liz & zias

another one bites the dust.

Thread: ozfortress x Respawn League + ozfortress Highlander Season 1

April was nearly 2 months ago guys.

Thread: Infractions ruleset changes

mune kei
can we ban callouts such as "he's raped" or insults like "faggot"?
i believe its only appropriate to get a pass on these words if you've personally been a victim of sexual assault or are a homosexual.

thank you ozfortress admins for making this league a safespace.

you're so right pop off king, context of words is totally irrelevant, infact you even including that word in your post might get you infracted, watch your back brother.

Thread: Infractions ruleset changes

you said naughty words in a private discord not at all associated with team fortress 2 you may no longer play in our 6 versus 6 team fortress 2 competitive league.