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Thread: ozfortress ban: fizz/mosy

RIP Fizzle <3 got caught by the ozf badmins Pepehands

Thread: ozfortress ban: fizz/mosy

deez nuts 3d rip bozo

Thread: ozfortress ban: proxie
Thread: ozfortress ban: Danny / HERTZ

the ozf badmins have hooked him by the shnowzer

Thread: Small adjustments to the infractions system


'along with offences not entirely or explicitly covered by this ruleset.'

This seems extremely vague as to what admins can infract or ban people for, seems like a blanket "well were the admins so we can do what we want fuck you". I think this is just giving license for admins to kind of just do whatever and not giving players a clear ruleset to abide by. I guess just try not to get on an admins bad side lol.

this is literally facism

makes fascist rule set
moop gets banned for having fascist as profile picture

enter image description here

Thread: Small adjustments to the infractions system

first ants admin now this, smh my head.

Thread: Announcing ozfortress season 32!


Thread: Straight from the sketchbook!

don't quit your day job.