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Welcome to ozfortress!

ozfortress is a community run website aiming to bring Team Fortress 2 competitions to the Australasian community. Founded in 2001, ozfortress has been providing competitions and a community for over 15 years. As of 2021, ozfortress hosts 6v6 league tournaments triannually, with offseason tournaments between seasons including Ultiduo tournaments and various cups.

What is Competitive TF2?

Has top-scoring in casual and matchmaking servers become too easy for you? Looking for a challenge? Then competitive TF2 is for you. The most popular and widely played variety of competitive TF2 is the 6v6 format. 6v6 (or 6’s) is primarily played on 5CP and KOTH maps and is focuses on fast paced gameplay and strong team coordination. Unlike the 6v6 competitive matchmaking mode built into TF2, competitive 6s is run through community leagues such as ozfortress and is more structured than Valve’s 6v6, with a highly competitive community and established metagame and ruleset.

9v9 is the other popular competitive TF2 gamemode, known colloquially as Highlander. Each class is limited to one and the map pool consists primarily of Payload and KOTH maps. Like 6v6, Highlander is also run through community leagues and websites, although Highlander is not played in ozfortress.

Playing 6v6 in ozfortress

ozfortress offers 6v6 league tournaments three times a year through the warzone website for players in the Oceanic region. Teams that enter these tournaments are grouped into the Open, Main, Intermediate or Premier brackets depending on their skill level and experience. All participants in ozfortress seasonal leagues receive an in-game medal, of which depends on the final placement of your team in the division.

ozfortress does run tournaments for other competitive game-modes on occasion, but the primary focus of the community is the 6v6 gamemode, which you can familiarise yourself with here:

6v6 Metagame:

The metagame (or meta) is the most standard and accepted way of playing the game within the ruleset. This meta has been developed over the course of TF2’s lifetime and most teams will adhere to this meta as it is the most optimal way to play in many situations.

The most commonly run team composition in 6v6, also known as the cookie cutter lineup, consists of 2 Scouts (a Combo Scout and a Flank Scout), 2 Soldiers (a Roaming Soldier and a Pocket Soldier), 1 Demoman and 1 Medic.

These 6 classes are often split into combo and flank classes. The combo consists of the Demoman, Medic, Pocket Soldier and Combo Scout and serves as the core of a 6v6 team, using their damage and healing to push together as a unit. The job of the flank (the Flank Scout and Roaming Soldier) is to harass, distract and indeed flank the other team, as well as to clean up kills on low health players.

Other classes feature more occasionally in 6v6 TF2 as they aren’t viable all the time, but can be extremely effective in certain situations. This is referred to as off-classing and is usually done by those playing on the flank. Higher-HP classes such as Heavy are often used when defending your last control point while pick-classes such as Sniper can be used to get an important frag when the enemy aren’t expecting it.

Other rules and regulations that affect the 6v6 metagame include the Global 6v6 Whitelist and the ozfortress league rules).

Most competitive TF2 teams use VoIP programs to communicate with one another ingame. The most commonly used programs are Mumble and Discord.

If you want to see some high level 6v6 action for yourself, you can check out the KritzKast and CappingTV for coverage of ozfortress matches and for coverage of European and North American matches.

Other ozfortress Game-modes / Metagames:

ozfortress occasionally runs tournaments for game-modes other than 6v6. Ultiduo tournaments are held between seasons and are extremely popular. Ultiduo is played 2v2 on an adapted KOTH map, with each duo consisting of a Soldier and Medic.

If all of this sounds like something you want to get involved in, then check out the steps below on how to become a part of the ozfortress community!

Getting Started in ozfortress:

So now you understand the fundamentals of the 6v6 format, it’s time to get started!

First, pick a main class, usually the class that you are best at or have the most fun with. Mastering a single class is much more efficient and satisfying, however some people enjoy changing classes every season in order to gain experience on multiple classes.

Next, join our Discord by clicking the widget to the right! The ozfortress Discord is used to find scrims, book servers, join a team, or even just chill out and talk about TF2. Each channel has a specific purpose including general TF2 chat, recruitment, and scrim requests.

The recruitment channels are your destination for making or joining a team. There is #lf-team, for players like yourself who are looking for a team to join. Likewise, there is a channel for teams looking for players, and they just might be looking for you! Have a scroll through the channel to see if there is a team suited for your preferences. If not, use the template in a pinned message in #lf-team and show the community who you are!

If you haven’t already, make an account by clicking the green Sign in with Steam button in the top right. All ozfortress tournaments are run through the ozfortress website, so you will need to make an account if you intend to join a team and compete!

Scrims, also known as scrimmages and practice-clan wars (PCWs) are practice games played between two teams in order to improve. The results do not count toward any league total and thus can be used as a great way for teams to try new things and hone their understanding of the game. Find scrims for your team in the #scrim channel in Discord! Typically scrims (and ozfortress official matches) are played between 8 - 10PM AEST/AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne time).

Another way to practice is through PUGs (pick up games) and lobbies. These are hosted on community websites or through ozfortress servers! These are also a good way to make yourself known in the community and meet new people while practicing 6s.

For more information about booking servers to play on and setting them up, visit Book a Server and Server Configs within the Help tab above! At the end of every game, a statistics page is generated at and details kills, damage and more for each player!

Want more information on what we just talked about? Visit and!

Have any other questions? you may want to check out our FAQ’s section, or feel free to ask in Discord.

We hope to see you in ozfortress soon!