ozfortress Community Rules

1. Community Wide

ozfortress is a community which caters to any players who want to play Team Fortress competitively and socially. The community is run by administrators who rely heavily on all members for each action they take. The administration team is made up of current and past community members who have volunteered their own time to run and oversee the community.

Each member of ozfortress is held to account by the below standards and each rule is enforced by the administration team.

As a member of ozfortress how you behave in game is just as important as your actions in other mediums (such as Discord, forums, Steam chat). The administration team values each member’s experience as most important to its continued success. ozfortress is not just about competitive fortress gaming, it is a community that offers a range of social and gaming opportunities to its members.

The following rules are strictly enforced throughout any media through which ozfortress presents content to its community. Breaking of any of the following rules will result in repercussions that may apply to all ozfortress hosted competitions, message boards and Discord channels regardless of prior standing.

Community Wide rules:

  1. Serious or repeated abuse of a sexual, racist, or religious nature.
  2. Serious or repeated abuse of ozfortress staff while carrying out his/her duties.
  3. Serious abuse of a personal nature including but not limited to:
    1. Revealing of personal details.
    2. Inappropriate use of photographs.
  4. Any attempt to circumvent an enforced ban.
  5. Any attempt to impersonate a member of ozfortress.

2. Forums

These rules apply only to the ozfortress forums. All members must be aware that certain sections of the forums are heavily moderated and breaking of these rules will lead to infraction points being recorded against you which can have community wide repercussions.

Infractions can be issued for community wide rules in addition to forum rules.

Breaking of the following rules will result in the deletion of your post and a warning or infraction recorded against your account:

  1. Spam
    1. Deliberate posting of advertising material.
    2. Links to external websites unrelated to the discussion.
    3. Deliberate double (or more) posting (posting the same reply two or more times in a row).
  2. Trolling and/or Flame Baiting in Zero Tolerance forums
    1. Serious or repeated comments made with the intention of provoking anger or to antagonise another member of the community.
    2. Serious or repeated comments which demean or attack other members of the community.
    3. The following forums/posts will be enforced as ‘Zero Tolerance’:
      • All News Posts
      • Stickied threads in ALL forums, even forums not marked as zero tolerance
      • Match Discussion Forums
      • Captains Forum
      • Help Forum
      • For Sale Forum
      • Mentoring Forum
      • Feedback Forum
  3. Reposting threads/posts that have been previously deleted by a moderator.
  4. Off-Topic or Disallowed Material
    1. Posting threads which are unrelated to the topic of the specific forum.
    2. Posting of copyrighted material without proper reference or permission.
    3. Posting of pornographic material outside of the ‘NSFW’ forum.
  5. Creating multiple forum user accounts
  6. Posting personal and/or private information that you have not been given permission to post.
    • Real names
    • Personal phone numbers
    • Home Addresses
    • Private Photos
  7. For profit advertising is only permitted after seeking approval from the administration team.

3. Discord

The purpose of Discord is for players of ozfortress to discuss TF2 related things as well as non-game related topics. It is a meeting point for members and as such is moderated to a lesser extent than other areas of the community however not exempt from rules.

If you are banned any ozfortress medium, you may be subject to restrictions/bans on Discord at the discretion of the ozfortress administration team.

Breaking the following rules may result in punishment:

  • Repeated Trolling or Flame Baiting as outlined above.
  • Repeated Posting of Spam as outlined above - this includes not using text channels for their intended purpose.
  • Posting of Inappropriate content including NSFW material.
  • Abuse to administrators will NOT be tolerated and is treated as a serious offense.


Punishments for breaches of rules are dealt with via a system of infraction points. Details of infractions that will be issued are supplied here.

Some punishment levels will carry over to Community and Competitive Bans, depending on the level of infraction points reached. These bans are explained in more detail at the above link for infraction detail, and are listed here.