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Congratulations Open winners Starburst-6s!

Process - 1 - 0
Gullywash - 6 - 1

Congratulations to Starburst-6s on winning the OZF 20 Open Grand Final against Rise Reborn.

The first map of the series was Process, the map pick of Starburst-6s. It was a close fought affair, with points constantly exchanging between the two teams, however Starburst-6s were able to just scrape out a round, taking their map pick 1 – 0. The next map was Rise Reborn’s pick, Gullywash. Rise Reborn came out to a strong start on their map pick, taking the first round. However the strength of Starburst-6s quickly overwhelmed them, as Starburst were able to string together the next six rounds, taking the map 6 – 1, and the series 2 – 0.

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Stay tuned for the Summer!

1st - Starburst 6s
2nd - Rise reborn
3rd - back 2 the bones

Champions: Starburst-6s
Best Demoman: fogbound
Best Medic: mikcow and butterflyy
Best Pocket: Trumpet
Best Roamer: tokahontas
Best Scout: Sickday
Best Utility: Sickday

Most Improved Player: fogbound
Most Valuable Player: Tesla

Friendliest Team: back 2 the bones
Most Improved Team: Rise Reborn
Best Dressed Team: back 2 the bones
Best Caster: sage and rky

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