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Wednesday 10th May 2017: Signups Open
Friday 19th May 2017: Signups Close, Rosters Locked
Saturday 20th May 2017: Teams Announced, Round 1 Matches Posted

Sunday 21st May – Thursday 25th May 2017: Round 1
Sunday 28th May – Thursday 2nd June 2017: Round 2
Sunday 4th June – Thursday 8th June 2017: Round 3

Sunday 11th June – Thursday 15th June 2017: Round 4
Sunday 18th June – Thursday 22nd June 2017: Round 5
Sunday 25th June – Thursday 29th June 2017: Round 6
Sunday 2nd July – Thursday 6th July 2017: Round 7

Sunday 9th July – Thursday 13th July 2017: Page Playoffs
Sunday 16th July – Thursday 20th July 2017: Semi-Final
Sunday 23rd July 2017 – Thursday 27th July 2017: Grand Final for IM and Open
Sunday 23rd July 2017: Grand Final for Premier
Grand Finals for Premier will be played as a Best of 5. Intermediate and Open Grand Finals are a Best of 3.


ALL BRACKETS will now be using the page playoff system for their finals. Matches with a single listed date will be locked to that date, those with a range will be negotiated within that range similar to regular season matches.

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