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Congratulations Intermediate winners [ Brave Loyal and Kind ]

Granary - 4 - 3
Process - 4 - 1

Congratulations to [ Brave Loyal And Kind ] on winning the OZF 18 Intermediate Grand Final against Twig's Bundles.

The first map of Granary opened heavily in favour of Twig's Bundles, with Yui and Meta putting out very large amounts of damage and turning team fights against [ Brave, Loyal and Kind ], giving Yui and his teammates an early lead. But BLaK were able to adapt, and with some excellent coordinated aggression between the Soldiers of berko and Big-Dad, BLaK were able to put themselves right back into the match. Yui tried to take matters into his own hands for Twig's Bundles, absorbing heals and putting out excellent damage, but berko was able to find multiple frags on the flank on a few occasions. Ryan's "diverse" offclassing was too much for Twig's Bundles to overcome, and following multiple failed attempts on BLaK's last Granary ended 4-3 in favour of [ Brave, Loyal and Kind ].

Process again opened up quickly in favour of Twig's Bundles, as they looked to take back some momentum quickly following their first map loss with a convincing retake of the midpoint resulting in wave of aggression. Although Yui's Sniper was not being hugely effective,BLaK were able to make the right adjustments. With Yukari putting out massive amounts of damage BLaK found themselves right back in the game on their opposition's map pick. Points were traded consistently as both teams played well around their combo, but the defining moment of the map came when Twig's Bundles attempted to push the midpoint, Hirast and Ryan managed to sneak behind and coordinate a perfect backcap, all but sealing the fixture in favour of BLaK. Process ended with a score of 4-1 with [ Brave, Loyal and Kind ] claiming the title of ozfortress Season 18 Intermediate Champions!

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Reminder that Ultiduo 11 is right round the corner so go sign up!

1st - [ Brave Loyal And Kind ]
2nd - Twig's Bundles
3rd - Glue eaters esports

Champions: [ Brave Loyal And Kind ]
Best Demoman: Yukari
Best Medic: Brion
Best Pocket: Yui
Best Roamer: berko
Best Scout: kpc
Best Utility: Big-Dad

Most Improved Player: berko
Most Valuable Player: Yui

Friendliest Team: [ Brave Loyal And Kind ]
Most Improved Team: [ Brave Loyal And Kind ]

Credit to yauch for the match writeup.

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