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The previous season of international leagues have all used the Global Whitelist to unify the competitive TF2 community. As stated before, representatives will meet as the seasons close to review, take feedback, and decide on any necessary changes. Adminstrators from ozfortress, ESEA, ETF2L and UGC as well as top players from each region have collaborated together to review the Global Whitelist. After the first public meeting, there was a proposal for controversial changes and this was met with harsh backlash from the international community. The administrators from ozfortress, ETF2L and ESEA met together and collated feedback from the top teams of their respective regions and adjusted the whitelist based on these discussions.

The changes from the Global Whitelist from OZF 17 are:

  • Rescue Ranger

  • Dalokohs Bar
  • Pomson 6000

Cooperation and consistency between the leagues is a key factor in improving how competitive TF2 is played on a global scale. Other leagues will be announcing these changes to the whitelist soon. Future meetings regarding the Global Whitelist will also be more structured to allow for a better outcome.

View the updated whitelist here.
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sanity prevails thank u obla
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throw the organs
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Yes!!!! so happy to see that the pomson is unbanned
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