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Esports Arena Rewind LAN is happening as we speak in Santa Ana, California! Our Jasmine Tea is competing in the Invite bracket, versing some of the best teams from NA and EU. The Invite tournament starts with the round robin group stage, where each team will play each other once in a best-of-one. After that, they head to the playoffs, where they'll be seeded into a double elimination bracket.

Jasmine Tea placed fourth in the group stages, winning against Meat Market and Street Hoops eSports. Moving onto the playoffs, they were knocked out of the Upper Bracket after losing to Froyotech. However, they won Round 1 of the Lower Bracket against Street Hoops eSports, with an incredibly tense Snakewater match.

Day 2 of Rewind LAN starts tomorrow at 5:00 AM AEDT! The first Jasmine Tea game will be at 7:00 AM AEDT.

Tune into twitch.tv/esportsarena to catch the action!
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