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Congratulations Open winners Project Mayhem!

Gullywash: 2 - 3
Granary: 2 - 1
Reckoner: 5 - 0

The first map of the grand final was Gullywash, and what a close map it was indeed. Both teams fought aggressively and brought the map to a 2-2 tie. With some sneaky plays, Requiem were able to clinch the map with 30 seconds to go.

The second map, Granary, was looking just as close as the last. ollie put his Soldier skills to the test, placing great pressure on . However, Project Mayhem were unable to sustain a lead, ending the map in a 1-1 draw. Project Mayhem found their feet in the Golden Cap and rolled to last, taking Granary and bringing the Grand Final to a third map.

The tie-breaker map was the new addition, Reckoner. Although Requiem showed promise, they were unable to defend themselves from their opponent's dominance. Project Mayhem proved that they are the Open champions by bringing the final map of Reckoner to a 5-0 win.

Thank you to all the players and support staff that helped make this season possible! Reminder that next season is less than a week away so go sign up!

1st - Project Mayhem
2nd - Requiem
3rd - Looking For Trouble

Champions: Project Mayhem
Best Demoman: Scandal
Best Medic: Pique
Best Pocket: Mixed
Best Roamer: Berko
Best Scout: afro
Best Utility: Mio

Most Improved Player: greanyo
Most Valuable Player: Scandal

Friendliest Team: BB and the Jets
Most Improved Team: FO THE OPHANS

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E: thanks everyone for the season, was fun
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Thanks for a great season everyone. Congrats to Scandal on winning mvp and best demo. Well deserved.
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ma boi greanyo
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