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So there has been alot of talk recently between the league and site admins about the future of competitive TF2 @ ozfortress.com and how exactly things are going to work. Over the last few years we have held alot of different competitions from top tier comps (nGRi, foosh, CSM) to round robin (the owl series) to continuous almost aldder comps (ozfl), not to mention custom map comps (CFL), fun comps (ultiduo, SoOlol) etc.

But what means what? And what can we expect in the future?

Glad you asked! To give you a good idea of the structure of future competitions @ ozfortress.com, we've come up with the following guide on what we will be running from now on, and in what sort of timeframe. This should help when creating clans and to also give some clans motivation in working through rough patches.

  • ozfl: the ozfortress league

    New clans get recognized here.
    • The longest running competition in Australia/New Zealand from now on will consist of all clans at all different skill levels. It will serve as a ladder or ranking system to see at a glance where clans are ranked in Oceania.
    • There will be no divisions. This will enable clans to come up against clans outside of their normal scrim circles and will push them to higher skill levels when versing clans they would normally dismiss as "too hard"
    • This league is the basis of getting an invitation into the core competition, the...
  • owl: the ozfortress winter league series

    Australia & New Zealand's core competition
    • A round robin format held 3 to 4 times a year, consisting of no more than 4 divisions of 8 clans.
    • This competition is for bragging rights, and allows teams of all skill levels to play off agaisnt clans of similar skill level in a tournament scenario.
    • The games have more hype and build up than ozfl and even clans that won't get a chance at a title in ozfl have something to play for here with awards and recognition given to the winners of each division.
  • ozfc: the ozfortress cup

    For the best of the best
    • This year we will be bringing back the ozfortress cup in an exact replica of perhaps the most successful competition we've run, nGRi.
    • The top 12 clans of the year will be invited into the competition with another 8 wildcards involved in knockout matches to fill the final 4 slots.
    • Teams will be involved in a double elimination 16 team format with decent prizes on offer.
    • This competition will be held at he end of each year, separate from the other competitions, and will serve as a major viewing spectacle and is "the" competition to win. Fittingly, only MAD DOGZ have won the ozfortress cup to date.
  • CSM, CFL, C4C, ultiduo, highlander, nzfortress etc
    • These competitions and ones like it, held by us or third parties, could be run out of sync with our core competitions ozfl, owl, ozfc.
    • However, they are good fun, and great clan exposure
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