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this picture is better

Can't play monday? Whats that? Oh you have 6 players on your roster scrimming the ADMIN TEAM at 9pm. Now thats ballsy.

Originally Posted by aporia View Post
Ok so the current situation is that -A- have posted 3 dates within the next week (sunday, wednesday and thursday) which are inconvenient for Rewound. Unfortunately, the one day which suits (monday) -A- will have 3 core members missing.

Currently members from -A- have taken time off work and rearranged their personal life (sheep has changed his shift twice already and is concerned about his reputation and memebers have rearranged their sunday afternoon plans (including family commitments), cruger took time off through this past week) to attempt to accomodate for this match and quite frankly it is becoming too difficult for us to take off any more time.
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what a joke.
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paging wm to thread
11:17 PM - yuri: vr are better than d because d dont play matches
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crugers playing tommorow
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bowt wasn't originally supposed to be here today, sheep had a function that got cancelled, i'm a backup for -a- and as my ultiduo results show i can't soldier for shit.

circumstances change.

plus we have an agreed date anyway?

edit: and obviously no aporia or cruger today, both who are core.
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i'd like to make it clear that both clans have been making immense fools of themselves and in future you won't be treated with as much grace as we have shown you this season.

you have the entire community watching on as you both bicker and argue over things which div4 teams look down upon.

i'm locking this thread because you have embarrassed the community enough with your antics and don't deserve a platform of respect anymore.

you will play your game tomorrow at 9:15pm and if either team breaks one rule tomorrow you will lose and you will have a great Christmas.

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5-0, 5-0 -A- win
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