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The Second ozfortress Summer Cup will be a one night event where we try out the new map Logjam. It's been successful in ETF2L and therefore being considered for our next seasonal competition. It will be on Sunday the 18th of January. It will be the combination of a double elimination 4 team premiership designed to showcase the map being played at high levels and a 16 team single elimination bracket.

Teams Trident (formerly Jasmine) and Noob Slayers are invited directly into the premiership bracket, and the other two spots will be chosen from open signups. Signups to the open bracket will be chosen on a strict first come first serve basis.

Signups must be posted to this thread and are due by Friday January 16th by 10PM Sydney time. Team captains must make a challonge account and an ozfortress roster to participate in this tournament. A challonge team is not required and only the captain is required to have an account. Applications must fit the following format.
Name: [Team Name]
Challonge Account: http://challonge.com/users/[username]
Captain Steam profile link:
ozfortress Roster:
Level of play: prem/div 2/3/4/5
player STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx
player STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx
player STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx
player STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx
player STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx
player STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx

player STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx
player STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx

Additional information: [any information that may help admins seed the tournament]
The BBCODE required for the application can be found here

Rosters must have 6 core players and are allowed up to three backups. No mercs will be allowed, and late additions will only be allowed under extreme circumstances. All rostered members must have ozfortress accounts with their steamIDs set.

After you are seeded, you will receive an invitation on challonge to join the bracket. From there you are able to report your own scores. If there is an issue, contact an admin and they will be able to report scores manually.

Logjam will be played with push rules, first to 5 / 30 minutes.

Ties are not allowed, and can be resolved by golden cap, which is first to 1 / 10 minutes. If no one caps last a the end of 10 minutes, the team that owns mid will be declared the winner.

The following commands can be used on ozfortress servers to set up the configuration required for the above map formats:

rcon exec push
rcon exec golden

Premier and Division Two will be played as a double elimination tournament on a single night. The schedule is as follows.
Sunday January 18th
7:30 - Upper Bracket Round 1
8:15 - Upper Bracket Finals / Lower Bracket Round 1
9:00 - Lower Bracket Finals
9:45 - Grand Finals
The grand finals will be played as an extended series.

The open division will be played as a single elimination tournament on one night. The schedule is as follows.
Sunday January 18th
7:30 - Round of 8
8:15 - Semifinals
9:00 - Finals

As the schedule for this tournament is tight, teams must be ready with at least 5 rostered players in the server by the round start time. If a team is more than FIVE minutes late, an ozfortress admin MUST be contacted and a forfeit win will be recorded. DO NOT DELAY YOUR MATCH AS A COURTESY TO A LATE TEAM. ONE DELAYED MATCH CAN DELAY THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT. Note that 5cp matches can go for 40 minutes with golden cap, so this must be followed closely.

ozfortress servers will be used for this competition, which can be booked by typing "book a server" in #ozf-help on irc.freenode.net. As a rule, the higher seeded team will organize the server, however please check with the other team if they have booked a server for their previous match. If both teams have a booked server, please reset the unused server by typing "unbook" in #ozf-help so it may be used for other matches.

We expect good sportsmanship out of all the teams involved. If it's determined that players or teams have conducted themselves in an unsportsmanlike way, we will immediately disqualify the team and/or player(s) for the remainder of the competition. Additional exclusion penalties may apply for future ozfortress competitions at the discretion of ozfortress administrators.

Pauses are allowed for player issues but must be short. Pauses lasting for more than 3 minutes are not allowed under any circumstances, and any team may not pause more than twice. If a sub is not able to be found, you must continue playing with 5 players. If you drop below 5 players for more than three minutes, the match will be recorded as a forfeit loss. Breaking pause rules will result in disqualification.

In general, standard ozfortress match rules apply except where specified here. All exploits are still banned, we still expect POVS to be recorded, and we still want match scores to be reported quickly. If there's an inconsistency that you'd like to check out, feel free to talk to any admin.

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