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The following teams have been seeded into div 2, invites to the challonge bracket have been sent.
  1. Los Pollos Hermanos
  2. GTSOM
  3. Fansiblings
  4. Boat Boys
  5. Dreamscape
  6. Okinawa of Thyme
  7. SBS
  8. asfasgad

Please add the opposing team captain when you have a match.

The bracket is single elimination on one night. The schedule is as follows.
Sunday January 4th
7:30 - Round of 8 (Badlands)
8:15 - Semifinals (Snakewater)
9:00 - Grand Finals (Best of 3 pick ban)

Players can report their own scores on challonge and are expected to do so. You will also get notifications when your next match is ready to be played. If there is an issue, contact an admin.
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