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Bookings are now done in #bookings on Discord.

Simply join the channel above and say "/book" and server details will be automatically provided to you!

Book a server!
  • Servers are booked under your Discord ID. All non-alphaneumeric characters are dropped. Please use a name that reflects your ozfortress alias.
  • Your Discord name must have at least one alphabetical character for the booker to accept commands. If your name does not have at least one alphabetical character, please add one to use the booker.
  • If you forget the server details provided, simply type “/book” again.
  • When you are finished with the server, please type “/unbook” to free up the server for the rest of the community!
  • Demos can be retrieved using both the alias (i.e. obla) or DiscordID (obla3745).
  • Logs are provided at livelogs.ozfortress.com and logs.tf.
  • Servers will automatically reset after a period of inactivity.
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