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Just wanted to put this out here for those who are in and/or around Auckland or willing to travel to Auckland for fun lan times. There will be TF2 there, an Ultiduo tournament that I will be ccordinating, and hopefully will be pretty fun. There will be prizes. If we get 12+ 6s players there we should be able to run a pug or two.

Important things that will potentially make people want to come or just general information you should know
  • 4th-6th of July
  • Prepay Cost is 35 dollars
  • Internet is fibre (horray)
  • Prizes may or may not be hats
  • It's in Northcote
  • It's reasonably larger than most echolans
  • Ampersand won't be there he will be off at brisbane lan bugging the aussies or something
  • If you upload your avatar to the website they put it on your tag when you get there which is pretty spiffy if you ask me.
  • We are told the toilets will be clean but I will believe it when I see it.

Picture from last lan rofl

the spoils of war. or ultiduo. or both. potentially neither.

Make sure you sign up for the ultiduo on the site. Post here if you still need a partner.

Tournament is on the Saturday so if you can't rock up to anything else, come to that. There's also CSGO and DOTA tournaments that you should be able to participate in as well as the TF2. I might run an unofficial MGE showdown after the ultiduo is done which will be pretty casual.

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