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Map Pools per Round

WEEK ONE, ROUND 1: [games 1 - 4] cp_granary, cp_prolane_rc3, cp_gravelpit
WEEK TWO, ROUND 2: [games 5 - 8] cp_prolane_rc3, cp_pro_dustbowl, cp_mainline_rc5
WEEK THREE, ROUND 3 [games 9 - 11] cp_badlands, cp_follower, cp_well
WEEK FOUR, ROUND 4 [game 12] cp_freight, cp_granary, cp_gullywash
WEEK FIVE, 3RD PLACE [game 13] [bo3] cp_granary, cp_badlands, cp_gravelpit
WEEK SIX, GRAND FINAL [game 14] [bo3] cp_granary, cp_badlands, cp_gravelpit
  • The 3RD Place Match and the Grand Final is to be played in a best of 3 format, with each map played over 2 halves of 30 minutes.
Time Based Maps
  • cp_pro_dustbowl & cp_gravelpit
  • played ABBA format
  • another round of AB is played if its a draw after ABBA
  • in the rare instance of AB being a draw, another round of AB is played
ozfortress Leagues use the scoring format of ABBA to ease calculation of results. A small reminder of what ABBA is: With stopwatch ON. The home team will attack first, the away team will then respond to the home teams attack. Once completed the winning team will receive ONE (1) point. The teams will then switch sides and the away team will set the stopwatch time first, following by the home teams response. The winner of this will receive one point.

Mirrored Maps
  • played over 2 halves of 30 minutes
  • first to 5 wins
  • first half is 30 minutes long or first to 4 (this is to prevent the final round being played in short time)
  • can't be a draw (if its a draw after 2 halves, a golden cap-out scenario is played)


Map draws in are NOT allowed.
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