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Congratulations to Rewound and Myth for taking out the titles for the Champions of CFL.

First round:
The map was cp_labor and the first 12 teams played it out and the general consensus was that labor was too compact and easy to lock down 2nd, which have been the typical arguments over the past year against it’s use.

Second round:
The map cp_boulder_v2 and a lot of teams were excited for this map but after playing it realised that it was too big for a 6’s format and the game play was not as good as it was anticipated.

Third round:
The map was cp_fallout. Not many people had heard of this map. This map was played on cevo at the start of the year and has a different theme to it, designed with three points any of which can be capped at anytime. This made for an interesting high scoring game, with diverse and dynamic tactics. The general consensus was that some players thought it was a nice fresh change, despite the overpowered potential of a good sniper.

Fourth Round:
The map was cp_arnold and the reason why we chose this map was we were trying to find a map that was similar to gravelpit that no one has heard of. A few people enjoyed the map but most thought it was average to bad. The main let down of the map was the final point and how red spawn was setup but point A and B made for some interesting fights.

Fifth Round:
The map was cp_freight. This map had great potential and lived up to its name when being played. Almost every player enjoyed the map, even more so than fallout. The only thing that players didn’t like was the final point with the trains, which can directly impede ground access to the control point.

I have posted a thread asking players to rank their favorite map from the best map to the worst and if they have anytime, the reasons why. http://ozfortress.com/showthread.php?t=29123 The more feedback the better it is. The statements about the 5 maps above are from the responses that I have heard.

With Season 1 of CFL coming to a close some players have asked when season 2 will start. At this stage we have no idea when season 2 might occur. We have to wait for more and new exciting maps to be created or find maps that have potential. Until then I have created a Steam Group which organises Custom Fortress Pugs. Lately we have been play cp_freight and cp_fallout. We also test the odd map out to see how it plays and are open to any map suggestions players wish to try. Ask someone who is in the group to invite you if you’re interested in joining into the pug action.

I’d like to thank all the teams who played, tested and enjoyed the custom maps especially those who played out the whole season or agreed to enter late preventing unwanted byes. Until next time, happy pugging CFL players.
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well played sir.
look forwarding to reading everyone's review/rankings in the other post.
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has been fun
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Thanks to No Mercy & Aragon for organising a fun sideline to the ozfort league.

Don't know about the rest of the teams, but we found it very hard to go into any of the matches having played much more than 1 scrim on the map.

It appeared quite common to have some players downloading the map as they joined the server

While many maps had their flaws, it was great to see a new gamestyle with fallout. (Personally didn't like it as no cover from snipers, a medics best friend .... Not!)

In addition I, and many others, think you unearthed a great map in Freight. I think this map is well worthy of entering the main ozfort map rotation.

Would be nice to find 5 more custom maps for CFL 2.0 (Has anybody looked at observatory?)
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Maybe we could put pl_great_heights in for the next CFL when it gets out of beta
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i think they prefer to put cp maps in because a larger amount of people would actually want them in ozfl
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great organising of the comp relatively independent of the main admins.
awesome comp, awesome maps and look forward to a next time
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Originally Posted by No Mercy View Post
Until then I have created a Steam Group which organises Custom Fortress Pugs.
good idea. keep em separate
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