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Hey everyone,

I'm gonna have a crack at making a community frag video for ozf season 18, just like the cool ones of old. I'm accepting frags from any division, but the frags must be FROM SEASON 18 OFFICIALS ONLY.
If you have a fat middie or a hectic play you want featured, upload your POV DEMO including a tick and a short description of the frag (eg. process mid double airshot) to dropbox or something similar and either post the link here or PM me through discord. Song suggestions are also welcome but no guarantees. Here is my most recent video for reference if you were curious.
PM me or yauch if you have any Q's, but otherwise I will be accepting demos until a week or so after playoffs end. Thanks guys!
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good on ya man, look forward to this and will go through my demo folder
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I'ld highly recommend taking the effort looking through your demos and sending them through!
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