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How to vote
Captains shall select three options and put them in order from highest vote to lowest vote using the following template. Voting for your own team mates is not allowed.

Important formatting - you must copy paste your vote EXACTLY, and separate votes using commas. Again I am using an automated script to process these votes, and incorrectly imputed votes may not be counted!
Your team name:
Your team division: Open

Best Demoman: [first place vote], [second place vote], [third place vote]
Best Medic:
Best Pocket:
Best Roamer:
Best Scout:
Best Utility:
Most Improved Player:
Most Valuable Player:

Most Improved Team:
Friendliest Team:

Premier MVP:
Fill out this and then send it to obla in a PM by Wednesday 19th of April!

How voting is calculated
We will use instant runoff voting to calculate the results

The following players and teams are nominated for awards
Best Demoman: 2345y, Flamekong, Huffy, LOLYOUFLEEK, Lazz, Lules, Pengstah, Wuhoo!, blondie, chubbabub, cow5rkool, n1ght

Best Medic: Apodyopsis, CC, Choppy, Mikcow, Passion, Sperkle, Steak931, Thermite, Wicked, donkeyhead, meow, radek

Best Pocket: Carrot, Delphinoid, Fedorable, Jack, Ownage, Sassy, Seraph, Z1N, bb, ether, feggie, woof

Best Roamer: .M1tch, Dat Walrus, Duck, Minty, Optivex, Pureblue, Rift, Xaichi, arandomdeaddude, ber, jtravs, lenz

Best Scout: A1PH4, Afroninja, Bazzla, Cream, Doug, Geep, Gotaki, Nobel_H, Pudon, Scrikey, Spin, Swary, Trips, Vivi, ZiLyfe, apples, birdie, eels, flyingbuddy, gmp, harvey, jason, sho, yooknug

Best Utility: Afroninja, Cream, Flamekong, Nobel_H, Spin, Trips, Vivi, ZiLyfe, birdie, feggie, harvey, jason

Friendliest Team: Blackbird 6's, Limelights, Real Dream, Rise., Toy Story 6, WhoopieShare, Winnie the Pooh Watersports, bamboozled, iDeserve, missclick, spiderman 2, wumao warriors

Most Improved Player: Choppy, Cream, Mikcow, Minty, Neo, Trips, Wicked, ZiLyfe,birdie, blondie, cow5rkool, woof

Most Improved Team: Blackbird 6's, Limelights, Real Dream, Rise., Toy Story 6, WhoopieShare, Winnie the Pooh Watersports, bamboozled, iDeserve, missclick, spider man 2, wumao warriors

Most Valuble Player: .M1tch, 2345y, A1PH4, Afroninja, Apodyopsis, Bazzla, CC, Carrot, Choppy, Cream, Dat Walrus, Delphinoid, Doug, Duck, Fedorable, Flamekong, Geep, Gotaki, Huffy, Jack, LOLYOUFLEEK, Lazz, Lules, Mikcow, Minty, Neo, Nobel_H, Optivex, Ownage, Passion, Pengstah, Pudon, Pureblue, Rift, Sassy, Scrikey, Seraph, Sperkle, Spin, Steak931, Swary, Thermite, Trips, Vivi, Wicked, Wuhoo!, Xaichi, Z1N, ZiLyfe, apples, arandomdeaddude, bb, ber, birdie, blondie, chubbabub, cow5rkool, donkeyhead, eels, ether, feggie, flyingbuddy, gmp, harvey, jason, jtravs, lenz, meow, n1ght, radek, sho, woof, yooknug

Premier MVP: Abender, Dreams, Elmo, Geoh, Gnat, Halfwrong, Hertz, Moop, Paulsen, Razor, Sam., Shifta, THE BILLDOZER, The Wiggin, arnold, atten, bird, catfish, dauq, deft, down, drat, dubious, durc, dvp, emgee, enrith, feyn, johno, laan, lock, mac, micolash, mink, modus, muppet, obla, ohai, ollie, pause, quid, redcoatzygote, riotbz, roro, sadgasm, sage, spas, spj, theukn, v4na, yauch, yewl
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