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We we're willing to play last sunday, but they said no because of cevo semi finals. Fair enough. We said next sunday, they said they might not have numbers. I didn't hear back from them, until an hour ago saying oh we have 8 even though they had already made arrangements for their members to come home early 4 days ago which I only found out tonight as well.

Our usual soldier is already at work because they didn't get back to us. The last I heard is they we're probably going to have number issues because it's sunday which we we're fine with. But they can't play next sunday because of cevo finals and now we're left in the lerch because they played cevo over ozfc last week and now say okay we're ready with a slither of notice when somone is at working and was willing to take the day off.
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i want this match organised with a date set in stone by 9pm tonight
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^ That was only 1min after the original post. no posts were made between those time. What's ur point OMG skill training completed!
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hi notice date on post above

but yeah definitely our fault 100%
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^ good to go tmw, at 9:30pm.
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bowts a full of himself wanker zellogs, everyone knows that
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cya then
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Originally Posted by layzie View Post
bowts a full of himself wanker zellogs, everyone knows that
seriously, like, what?
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merk is blowing up
11:17 PM - yuri: vr are better than d because d dont play matches
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