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List of servers that are bookable: http://ozfortress.com/showthread.php?t=30917

This booking thread is for the AFO and ACF servers.
There is a forum for booking IPGN and Ozfortress servers so please don't do that here.

Please use the following template when posting your booking:


Subject Name: [BOOKING] <Day of Week> <Day of Month> <Month>, <Time in AEDT>
Game Type: <CFL, scrim>
Teams: <x vs y>
Maps: <maps>
Contact: <irc, Steam Friends>
Is STV required: <Yes/No>

Subject Name: [BOOKING] Thurday 7th Feb, 9pm
Game Type: scrim
Teams: .ir vs WTF
Maps: cp_follower_rc1, cp_waste_b2
Contact: irc

Note: The title of the thread must match the subject.
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