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Upload the following files to your server's /tf/cfg directory
  • ozfortress.cfg
  • ozfortress_6v6.cfg
  • ozfortress_6v6_5cp.cfg
  • ozfortress_6v6_koth.cfg
  • ozfortress_golden_cap.cfg
  • ozfortress_whitelist_6v6.txt

  • ozfortress_6v6_5cp.cfg - Execute this config if you are playing a push (Badlands style) map.
  • ozfortress_6v6_koth.cfg - Execute this config if you are playing a KOTH (Product style) map.
  • ozfortress_golden_cap.cfg - Execute this config if you are playing a Golden Cap game.

After executing these configs, the whitelist should automatically disable all disallowed weapons. Please make sure you check this before your match takes place. Sometimes a map restart is required for the whitelist to take effect. If there are any problems with weapons, please first check where you installed the "ozfortress_whitelist_6v6.txt" file. sv_pure 2 must be set for the whitelist to work.

Note: rcon ozf, rcon ozfkoth and rcon golden can be used as shortcuts.

"Whitelist didn't work" is not an acceptable excuse if banned weapons were used in a match.

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